Happy Diwali

Published 03 Nov by SuperNOVA

Happy DiwaliHi there and a very Happy Diwali to all of you! It is a very exciting day for me as this is the first post of my new blog Code Affair. For me this year sucked hard and I have been on the dormant side of blogging for some time now but I think its time that I resume it again as I have developed some skills since then, moreover I like to write about technology, codes, techniques and sometimes about general stuff as well.
Here, I will be sharing all about the scripts that I develop the ideas and innovations that come to my mind etc. Feel free to comment and positive criticism is always welcome. At the time of this writing there are not many posts in this blog but I have planned to post some over the next few days/weeks. Thanks for reading this and once again a very very Happy Diwali.